It was dark by the time the train reached the castle. I stepped out, pulling my trunk. I'd been thinking. Allen was just trying to wind me up. He thought nobody would notice me unless he kissed me. Whatever!!! " Firs' years over here! Firs' years over here!" There was a tall, wide, whiskery man calling out to the first years. I walked over and looked up at him. As soon as all of the first years were in boats and the upper years in carriages, we began moving across the glossy black lake. At one point something pink tried to grab me. THE GIANT SQUID! It tried again, and the next thing I knew, I was lifted into the air! I was feeling nasuea as the squid spun me round and round and round. Then, I bit the squid. I don't know why, but the squid was soon flailing in the water, wailing like a baby. It was kinda sick just watching.

Soon enough, we were in the Great Hall. I was in line to be sorted. " Chang, Liberty!" cried Professer Longbottom. " RAVENCLAW!" shouted the sorting hat. Hollingsworth, Delilah!" "GRYFFINDOR!" On and on the list went until finally- "Thomas, Leah!" I walked up, trembling head to toe. I sat on the stool, put on the hat, and it said- " Hmmm... plenty of brains, no doubt, half-blood, I see, fair play is valued, but still, I say- " RAVENCLAW!!!" I took my spot at the Ravenclaw table, were Liberty Chang hugged me and said- " We're all one big family, now." And as I stuffed my face, I thought of Allen, Ada, Magnolia, and Liberty. We were one big family.