I sat down- only for me to hear something crackle. I removed a piece of paper from under my bottom. I read it, shocked to see what it said.

Dear Hogwarts Student,

I am Devyn Genevieve Wright, a Gryfinndor second year. Tonight, March fifteenth, I am writing this letter . The night has been hectic, and I will explain why I can't bear to be here anymore.
Five years ago, my brother and his twin sister died here. A curse, Sectumsempra, was cast- at their throats. They died in the very common room I write this in. My sister slept in this dormitory. They lived in this school. Today would have been their seventeenth birthday. 

So when a man with blond hair and a cane with a snake's head told me to follow him, I just wanted to escape. Allen followed me. The blond man cast something on me. That's when I heard I scream- I'd hit somebody, I could feel it-

But Liberty Chang appeared. The curse lifted, I passed out and fell into Liberty's arms. But the worst part is I think I pushed Allen off Ravenclaw Tower, into the lake,and-

I might have killed him.

So at three o'clock I am going to fly away from Hogwarts to my grandparents. They'll send me back to America.

I hope you have a better life at Hogwarts than I or my poor elder siblings.

Devyn Genevieve Wright

I knew there was only one thing to do- but did I have time? I looked at my watch- I had fifteen minutes to get to the top of Ravenclaw Tower and stop Devyn. I grabbed Liberty and told her. She told Lorcan, and he told Lysander. We set out to save a person who we didn't like.

And if we should die in the attempt, Mom, Nicholas, I love you, Ada, I'll see you soon, Liberty, you were and remain my best friend even through death. Lysander, I love you, and you too Lorcan, even though I didn't see you much.

God save my soul.