Liberty's mother, Cho Chang.

Liberty: Mmm, urm, mmmmm!

Leah: Would it kill you two to stop sucking face?

Liberty Scamander (nee Chang) was the daughter of Cho Chang. It is unknown whether her mother kept her maiden name after marriage or not. Liberty is either muggle born or half-blood. She is noted to look " just like her mother". Toward the end of her first year, she received a bite from her friend Leah Thomas, making her a vampire. She went to Hogwarts all seven years, occasionally transforming into her canary-form Animagus and wreaking havoc around school. She was the victim of Devyn's gang called the Vicious Lions. She is the wife of Lorcan Scamander and the mother of Rolf Scamander II and Luna Scamander II.

Behind the NameEdit

Liberty means 'Freedom'. Its origin is Latin. She is named after one of the characters from Degrassi: The Next Generation.