Falling, falling, falling, off an icy ball, tilting to the right when you want to go left. A girl, dressed in a silk purple dress, was wading in the water. Her long blond hair was falling gently around her face. She stared into the water and blinked, then was gone.

That looked like my mother, at my age.

Time to fly. She was at the top of Ravenclaw Tower, about to jump and fly. She was crying, but she honestly didn't care. Then, an unearthly sound filled the Earth, terrible and yet dripping with beauty.

A dirty conscience will tear you apart, said a little voice.

What did she have to lose? Rain was pouring, wind was blowing. If she fell, they'd say it was a wet, slippery night.

"Leah!" Someone was calling my name. The girl couldn't hear it....


When I woke up, I was sweaty. MY nightgown was sticking to me. I saw Liberty staring at me from the foot of my bed, with three other girls. Irritated from being awakened so rudely, a few girls were grumbling from there beds.

" I didn't ask for a screaming roommate..." " Scream louder, I don't think the boys heard you..." " UGH!" Only the four girls staring at me knew something was terribly wrong. " Should I get Flitwick?" Liberty whispered. " No, get McGonagall! Quickly!" I said.

She bolted out the door, screaming for McGonagall.

"What's wrong?" asked a little red-haired first year. " Devyn is about to jump off Ravenclaw Tower," I whispered.

And I fainted.