After I came to, Liberty was soaked. She had gone to THE TOP OF Ravenclaw Tower to find Devyn crying and seconds away from slipping and falling hundreds of feet to her death. She seemed too tired to explain, but she did anyway. (The following in italics is Liberty's story.) It was pouring rain. When we got to the top of the tower, we saw her. She was wearing a silky purple dress. She was slowly slipping forward towards the edge, where she would

But she couldn't finish because Flitwick appeared in the Common Room.

" Girls! Ten former Death Eaters have infiltrated the school! Warn your fellow house mates, save lives! I will go to aid the other professors!" he squeaked.

We rounded up every last Ravenclaw. The first years were crying, the prefects were pale. Everyone was coming to Liberty and me asking for what happened. All we could tell them was that Flitwick just rushed in and told us what was happening. Lysander and Lorcan came and sat next to us, holding hands.

"Listen, if we die tonight, I want them to find my body next to yours," Lysander whispered. "Sounds nice," I said.

My life was falling apart around me, my heart bursting at the seams. I was thousands of miles away from my family, and I would probably die in a few hours. But there in Lysander's arms, it didn't matter how many tears I cried, or how much blood was lost.

But what about Devyn and the Tower?